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December 9, 2016 

Heads Up!


With the change in the weather, the hats have come back out, and now is a good time for parents to be on the alert for head lice.  Head lice are a common childhood affliction.  Clean hair and home are no guarantee that head lice will not find your child. 


PLEASE remember that although lice can be a communicable condition, having this condition poses no real threat to health.  Schools are not often the place where head lice are spread.  Sleepovers among friends and relatives are thought to be a common way they are passed from home to home.  If you have any questions regarding checking for lice or treatment, please feel free to call the Health Office at 613-6403.


Health Office Notes:

Cold and flu season is upon us and during the school year there are a large number of students in closed in areas, an environment conducive to spreading viruses.  It is especially important for students to have the proper amount of sleep, and to eat a good breakfast in the morning.  This will help with their defense against illness and allow them to have a productive day in school.  General good hygiene practices and good hand washing is recommended. Talk with your health provider about benefits of a flu shot this season.


Attendance at school on party/celebration/event days

If a student is not present at school on days when there is a pre-planned party, celebration, or event, we ask that you also do not send them for the party, celebration or event. This is especially important in instances where they are ill. Please contact Mrs. Lara-Black with questions