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Is it possible that we have reached the midpoint of the school year already?  Can it be that we have been so very busy that 2014 has come and gone?  I for one have come to realize that with the demands of new job, coupled with an increasing number of after school and weekend activities, weeks tend to blur into months, and before I know it I have started another year. 

Life used to be much simpler, or at least passed at a slower pace.  Now that 2015 is upon us, many will make individual resolutions for the New Year.  So in preparation for the January newsletter, I began wondering what resolution really means and decided to do a little investigation.

It turns out the word resolution is from the Latin verb resolvere, meaning "to break things into their parts, to loosen, or to reduce things to their simplest forms." When a group of Roman officials engaged in a dispute, they would agree to bring their disagreement to resolution by breaking down the various arguments and perspectives into their most basic parts and then find common ground.

The term resolution is also used in the sciences. For example, in physics, a prism resolves sunlight into the visible light spectrum to expose all of the colors of the rainbow.  The greater a microscope’s resolution, the more clearly an object’s details can be observed.

The use of resolution to mean solving a problem (as in math) did not occur until about 1548, and the use of the word to mean a decision to do something began in the early 1600s. One might imagine this change in meaning occurred after two English gentlemen had a disagreement and then vowed to stick to their resolution.

So how does this relate to school, your children, you, or your New Year’s resolution?

My hope is that you begin to think of resolutions as ways to simplify your life. A resolution can help you move back toward a place where you get to do what you want to do with your time. Thinking about your resolutions in this way may make it easier to maintain your determination to accomplish them, because they become not what you force yourself to do, but rather what you truly want to achieve.

Happy New Year! May you find success in achieving your dreams.



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